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Leisure and event centre "Alaušo slėnis"

Rural tourism homesteads

ALAUŠO SLĖNIS is the Leisure and Events Centre situated on a picturesque west shore of Lake Alaušas   (~110 km away from Vilnius, ~135 km away from Kaunas). The Centre started its activities in August, 2008; it occupies a spacious area exceeding 4 ha, we can accommodate 68 guests.

ALAUŠO SLĖNIS is a member of the Rural Tourism Association and was given the top rating – 5 storks; it offers catering, accommodation and recreation services.

Our guests live in log cabins with lakeview terraces, sitting-rooms and bedrooms have contemporary furnishing, there are mini kitchens and modern bathrooms.

There is a large variety of leisure activities in the Centre. You can wash down your stress in the limpid Lake Alaušas lying aside, which is fishy, suitable for diving and can offer other water attractions.  Moreover, there are fenced areas with red deer and fallow deer grazing in them. They like vegetables and bread. If you are lucky, they will walk up to you and take food out of your hand and you can take nice and cute pictures for your memory.


Conference hall
Restaurant / cafe
Kid's playground


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