Literary-Ethnographic Farmstead of the Poet A. Miškinis and Translator M. Miškinis


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Working hours:
II 8:00 — 16:00
III 8:00 — 16:00
IV 8:00 — 16:00
V 8:00 — 16:00
VI 8:00 — 16:00

The homestead was built more than 100 years ago. A stable, cellar and barn have remained in the farmstead. In 1982, the farmstead was listed as historical monument. The dwelling house exhibits photos, books, household items and furniture of the Miškiniai family. In the barn, there is a memorial exposition of Antanas and Motiejus Miškiniai, The restored stable has a room where M. Miškinis taught young people from the surrounding villages during World War I. In the farmstead, A.Miškinis literary prize-giving ceremony takes place, as well as literature readings in wintertime, poetry spring festivals, performances, presentations of new books and other traditional events.


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