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Antanas and Motiejus Miškinis Literary-Ethnographic Homestead


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Juknėnai is an area known for its poets, thanks to the Miškinis brothers.
The bard of exile, Antanas, the translator, Motiejus, and Vincas Miškinis were born in the village of Juknėnai. When the village was parcelled up into separate plots for homesteads in 1914, the family settled a bit further away. Construction of the homestead at the new site was completed around 1929.
In 2000, at the joint decision of the children of the Miškinis brothers (Antanas's daughter Jolanta Garjonienė, Vincas's daughter Jovita Maksimavičienė and son Vincas Miškinis), the homestead was gifted to the Utena District Municipality.
Since 2005, the homestead has been a branch of the Utena Local Lore Museum. An authentic environment has been preserved at the homestead, with furniture, household items, books and documents that belonged to the Miškinis family. A commemorative exhibition about the brothers Antanas and Motiejus as well as a classroom have been set up in the farmhouse. A small room remains in the restored barn, in which Motiejus Miškinis taught the children of the village during the First World War. Visitors linger at the homestead to view a sculptural composition created according to a book by Antanas Miškinis Žaliaduonių gegužė (sculptor Rimantas Zinkevičius) and Poezijos slėnis (author Klemensas Kupriūnas). The yard is adorned with roofed chapel-poles. The first was erected in honour of Motiejus Miškinis in 1976 by former pupils of the Raseiniai gymnasium. The second, erected in 1986, is in honour of Antanas Miškinis (sculptor Stasys Karanauskas). The third roofed chapel-pole was erected as an expression of gratitude to the entire Miškinis family for the gifted homestead (cross-crafter Pranas Kaziūnas). Educational activities, events and celebrations are held at the homestead. Since 2003, the Antanas Miškinis literary prize is awarded each year at the homestead on the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua (13 June).
The site is listed on the Registry of Cultural Heritage Properties.
Visitors are welcome!