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The aim of the exposition of the Museum of Struggles for Freedom is to make an attempt to learn the history of not only the entire Lithuania, but also the past of European countries through a glimpse on one corner of the country. Oppression of totalitarian regimes in the Old Continent in the twentieth century have become common (author of the idea Dr. Norbertas  Černiauskas, designer Skirmantė Vaitkevičiūtė). The exhibition was prepared following historical contrast principle, and it consists of 5 parts, revealing core events of Utena region and Lithuania from 1940 to 1965, comparing them with life behind the Iron Curtain. Exposition tells and collates experiences of totalitarian regimes in the following topics:
Split, determining the war / War, defeating the evil,  Forced war / War for freedom, New serfdom / Socially responsible Europe, New slavery / Human rights in Europe, Alone / United.
Organizers of the project hope that the exposition will allow the Eastern and Western European nations to get to know each other better and get closer. Utena residents and guests can be proud of significantly contributing to highlighting certain historical interfaces of the twentieth century European nations.
The very idea of the exposition is predetermined by the building itself - the former narrow gauge railway station. Mood of waiting and anxiety that reflects the subject of the exposition - painful events in Utena region and Europe - is created in the main exposition space.


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