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Utena Tourism Information Center

Sculpture "Find your Fortune"


Sculptor Kęstutis Musteikis
"To find a horseshoe on the road is a very big luck. The people who find a horseshoe keep it at home to enlarge their possessed wealth (only a wealthy man could horseshoe his horses). A horseshoe – as it is translated form the Lithuanian – a button of a horse foot, was thought to have magical power. Even the studs were used in magic to return ones stolen belongings back. The shape of a horse shoe reminds of a magnet used at school and ending in two opposite poles – plus and minus (Jin and Jan according to the Eastern philosophy). It is a great fortune to find ones opposite sultable pole. That is why there is a suggestion to look for a match by sitting in two opposite horseshoe seats. From the other side there is a grass – snake – a temper, the symbol of cognition, etc".