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Vižuonai shilo nature trail

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We invite you to take a walk along the educational nature trail of Vyžuonai heath, which is ~ 7 km long. While traveling, you will find the key forest habitat, the old burial mounds of Vyžuonai, a botanical reserve, natural meadows, and you will read a legend about what makes our beloved lake Baltys special.
The nature trail of Vyžuonai can be reached by going from Vyžuonai towards Užpaliai, turning right at the sign "Vyžuonai municipal botanical reserve - 2.1 km". After about 300 meters, on the left side, there is a forest lot, where after leaving the cars, you can go on foot to the almost 7 km nature trail, which is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the journalist and naturalist Leonard Grudzinski. Trail start coordinates: GPS: 55.587932, 25.504531 (WGS)


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    Norėtūsi kad būtų aiškiau sužymėta trasa, yra nuvirtusių medžių, vietomis neaišku kur eiti.