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Witch Museum in Pačkėnai


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Working hours:
I — V 10:00 — 17:00 Lunch: 13:00 — 14:00
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The only Witch Museum in Lithuania was established in 2018. July 13 In the premises of the Pačkėnai leisure center.
Community resident Judita Krutoguz, who has been creating witches for 30 years, donated to the museum a collection of witches with their own stories and legends, which are followed by a living Witch (character) with a sand tale prelude (optional) for museum visitors. Witches are not to be feared, they are to be known.
Entertainment - to diversify personal holidays and meetings by arranging an entertainment and educational program in advance. In the warm season, a witches' extreme sensations (games) zone, a bar with witches' feasts is set up in the courtyard of the museum.
The museum accepts and houses witches donated by visitors and guests next to existing exhibits.
In the museum, you can buy various witchcraft souvenirs, amulets, healthy herbal teas and plants that bring good energy to the house.
The Raganaitė creative workshop located near the museum offers visitors educational activities:
for children from the age of 4:
bead mosaics, bracelet weaving (macrame), scarecrow making, magic feather, flower maiden making, mandala weaving (thread), dream catchers, mystery box (wood);
for adults:
grass panel (fairy ribbon weaving), mystery box (tree), dream catcher, mandala weaving (threads), body painting with henna.
Kitchen for witch feasts (order and coordinate in advance, for groups from 5 to 30 people):
Worm pancakes with jam, Sweet spiders (cotton candy), branded sweets "Toad in chocolate", "Witch's tongue" (apple cheese), a large selection of herbal teas.


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