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The memory of two talented writers from this area, the poet and literary critic Antanas Masionis (1941–1974) and the prose writer Bronius Radzevičius (1940–1980), was honoured in 2000 with the placement of sculptures (created by Henrikas Orakauskas, born here in 1948) on a hill bounded by the Vyžuona River.
The creative work of Bronius Radzevičius was a vivid breakthrough in contemporary prose, painfully unveiling the existential dead-end of the postwar generation.
The writer was posthumously awarded the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts in 1991.
In 2007, the prominent writer was honoured in his hometown with a monument placed in the square next to the school building (sculptor Henrikas Orakauskas).
Antanas Masionis wrote contemplative lyric poetry. The poet's creative work is characterised by the motifs of internal anxiety and dramatic experiences as well as intellectuality.
Both having died at a relatively young age, the creative writers were laid to rest in the Vyžuonos cemetery.
Bronius Radzevičius, Antanas Masionis and Henrikas Orakauskas have been named honoured citizens of the town of Vyžuonos.