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Utena Tourism Information Center

Utena Cultural Center


Utena Cultural Centre is the largest cultural institution in the region, which not only preserves cultural traditions, but also constantly improves, changes, seeks new creative challenges, and fosters art of various genres and forms, from music, art and literature to theatrical discoveries and various large-scale events. Almost every day, events take place in Jonas Mekas Cinema, Maestro Adolfas Driukas’ Music Gallery and other spaces of the Cultural Centre. The event halls of the Leliūnai, Kuktiškės, Saldutiškis, Tauragnai, Daugailiai, Vyžuonos, Užpaliai and Sudeikiai branches of the Cultural Centre are also open to the public. For those seeking to embark on a journey of creative exploration, the Centre offers a wealth of opportunities to become creators and artists in various groups, including folk dance, historical dance, choral music, drama, puppet theatre, cinema, photography, and more. We believe that through team work and cooperation greater heights can be reached, and more smiles, discoveries, and joyful experiences can be fostered. Together, we can create more of the things that bring us happiness.