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Utena Tourism Information Center

Utena Manor


Utena manor is the forerunner of today's Utena city. 15th century A settlement is being built at the confluence of the Krašuona and Vyžuona rivers, and a church is being built. The settlement and the huge surrounding lands are combined into one unit - the Utena estate ruled by the Grand Duke of Lithuania. The manor is called the LDK table manor. There was also a manor building in the settlement, which changed its location, owners, and architectural face over several centuries.
In the 19th century, the landowner Aleksandras Bolcevičius bought the manor and rebuilt the entire ensemble of the manor, in the main building of which the "Saulės" gymnasium was established in the manor homestead.
From that period to the present day, the renovated manor house of the manor has been standing, where the Utena Education Center and its branch - the regional open access STEAM center - operate today.
At the STEAM Open Access Center, students learn about the laws and latest inventions in natural, technological, engineering, and mathematical sciences. Experiments and creates independently. The public has the opportunity to get acquainted with scientific research, innovations, ideas of sustainable development and participate in public events at the STEAM center.